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MC Impulse


EU FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network

MC Impulse (Monte Carlo based Innovative Management and Processing for an Unrivalled Leap in Sensor Exploitation) was an Initial Training Network, focussing on research and training in the field of sensor data processing. Within MC IMPULSE 14 early stage researchers and 2 experienced researchers were recruited and trained.


The research programme focused on the development of novel methods for real-time signal and data processing, based on data collected form sensors or networks of sensors. MC IMPULSE generated specific innovations such as:

  • Advanced methods for detecting and tracking objects by processing information from (a network of) sensors
  • New methods and algorithms for information fusion from multiple sensors and their efficient processing for on-line applications. 

One of the key techniques that was focussed on was Sequential Monte Carlo or Particle Filtering. MC IMPULSE joined different scientific disciplines such as: electrical engineering, communication theory, estimation theory, signal processing and detection theory, mathematics and physics.




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