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News Archive
2013-06-13   4th MC Impulse workshop to be held at Hengelo and Enschede, the Netherlands
2013-04-19   Postdoctoral position available at Lancaster University
2013-02-06   FUSION 2013: MC Impulse supervisors will organize two special sessions
2012-11-05   Marie Curie Fellows Association workshop
2012-08-27   Program for the MC Impulse workshop (3rd – 5th September 2012) at Bonn, Germany.
2012-07-25   Two MC Impulse fellows were awarded student travel grants for their publications in the 15th Conference on Information Fusion
2012-06-05   3rd MC Impulse workshop to be held at Bonn, Germany
2012-05-31   Special sessions at Fusion 2012, the 15th International Conference on Information Fusion
2011-12-05   MC Impulse supervisor elevated to “IEEE fellow” status
2011-12-05   MC Impulse supervisor wins award for his tutorial published in the IEEE AESS Magazine
2011-11-29   MC Impulse supervisor elected at the ISIF board of directors
2011-09-30   Interview of the MC Impulse fellow Edson Hiroshi AOKI with the UT news
2011-09-30   MC Impulse summer school at Lancaster
2011-07-15   MC Impulse publications update
2011-07-13   MC Impulse fellows & supervisors attended the 14th conference on Information Fusion.
2011-07-12   Program for the MC Impulse workshop (14th – 16th September 2011) at Lake District, UK.
2011-03-02   "Conferences" webpage
2010-10-19   "LiU summer school 2010" presentations, tutorials and photos
2010-09-30   Final program for the MC Impulse workshop (11th – 13th October 2010) at Linköping University
2010-08-18   MC Impulse in the Dutch press
2010-08-03   Preliminary program for MC Impulse workshop (11th – 13th October 2010) at Linköping University